Walk-in Baths

All of our walk-in baths have been designed carefully and are equipped with safety features to reduce the risk of accidents during bathing. You can choose to have a walk in bath with shower, which gives you the benefit of both.

Our walk-in baths are adapted baths that have inward opening doors that allow low-level easy access and slip-resistant surfaces to minimise the chances of slipping even when the floor area is wet.


The Danube walk-in bath is a deep soak bath ideal for those with small bathrooms. This compact bath offers easy access and a low level threshold.

The Lugano walk-in bath features an in-built bath lift to ensure easy entry and exit of the bath. The low door threshold gives easy access.

The Moritz walk-in bath features a reclining powered seat to get in and out the bath easily and enables you to have a full depth bath.

The practical Hudson is a walk in bath that allows room for a large shower space as well. It features a powered seat for easy access…

One of our deep soak walk-in baths, the Ohio fits practically in smaller spaces and petite bathrooms. Ideal for those with limited mobility..

The Benefits of a Walk-in Bath

Our range of walk-in baths have been designed carefully considering those with mobility issues. With a walk-in bath, individuals can bathe independently, without worrying about slipping or injuring themselves.

Easy access baths are the most luxurious of baths available today. They provide a safe bathing experience for individuals who either need special care or for those with limited mobility. A walk-in bath enables those to lead healthy and independent lives in the comfort of their own home.

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Walk-in Baths Advice and Guides

Bathrooms can be dangerous for the elderly. Here’s how a walk-in bath can make them safer for the elderly…

If you suffer from arthritis a walk-in bath could help you to bathe independently again.

We provide a range of easy access baths to help you maintain your independence for as long as possible…

How much does a walk-in bath tub cost? Prices vary dependent on size, style and the needs of a customer. Plus, installation costs…

Walk-in Bath FAQ's