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Looking for the best walk-in bath? They have seen a surge in popularity in recent years due to their ease of use and convenience, and quite right too!

Bathing should be relaxing from start to finish, soaking without any stress and strain. In reality, choosing a walk-in bath can be far from relaxing. With so many options out there, how do you find the best one for you?

Here at Assistive Bathing we know a thing or two about walk-in baths. In this post we share some simple questions to ask to help you find the best walk-in bath for your needs:

Questions to ask when finding the best walk-in bath

Which way should the door open? 

Water is heavy. Very heavy. If an outward door mechanism fails your bath water will literally spill everywhere. Because of this, inward opening doors are generally preferred. With an inward opening door, water pressure helps to maintain the seal, so there is less risk of leakage.

Is the door well-positioned for access? 

Look for models with a reduced lip at the bottom of the bath door, which presents less of an obstacle and reduces the chance of a trip.

Finding the best walk-in-bath

Will it suit my needs and style?  

Don’t compromise! Look for a walk-in bath that will offer space, comfort and design touches such as chrome fittings, tempered glass doors and cushioning. Some models also offer an integrated shower option.

If space is limited in my bathroom, can it fit? 

Ask if there is a compact option available: the best retailers will provide a free, no-obligation initial survey to assess your needs.

Are there any additional safety features? 

Bathing safely helps you to relax. The best walk-in baths will have easy temperature control, non-slip floors and secure locks. View our range of accessories here

Is the bath easy to fill and quick to drain? 

Look for easy to use paddle taps to control the temperature and flow as you want, and for easy drain waste plugs so you are not waiting too long for the bath to empty.

Is there professional installation with aftercare and support?

The best providers will offer quick, tidy and careful installation and will answer any questions before, during and after installation.

What about long term peace of mind?

Anything less than a 10 year guarantee, walk away…

Find the best walk-in bath for you from Assistive Bathing

You can’t beat a nice long, relaxing soak in a bath – it is a British tradition.

Choosing the best walk-in bath is as important as choosing the right bed and mattress. This ensures you enjoy the pleasure and well-being benefits available. If you’d like to find out more about our range of walk-in baths, request your free brochure today or call 0800 085 5585


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