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Trying to strike a balance between safety and style is key to any bathroom design, but even more so when buying a bathroom for the elderly. 

In this blog post, we’ll show you all those things you’ll need to consider when designing a safe and stylish bathroom for the elderly. Above all, we’ll show how easily it can be achieved with Assistive Bathing. 

Case Study

To show how a safe bathroom for the elderly may be created, we look at the story of Mrs Herbert.

Image of Mrs Herbert, who required a bathroom for the elderly

This is Mrs Herbert. She is a retired Midwife who lives in a moderately sized semi-detached house in Warwick.

Mrs Herbert used to enjoy bathing but due to Osteoarthritis in her knees and hips her mobility is restricted.

Living alone and fearing a slip or fall had resulted in Mrs Herbert being stuck having showers for the past 7 years, so she longed to enjoy a bath once more.

How We Created a Safe & Stylish Accessible Bathroom For Mrs Herbert

With accessibility being the main focus, our product specialist suggested The Danube walk in bath. 

Designing a bathroom for the elderly

This walk-in bath was a fantastic substitute for her traditional bath. Not only did it look the part, there were multiple added safety benefits:

Key Safety Features for a Bathroom For The Elderly:

1. Anti-slip flooring

Bathroom floors tend to get wet, which is why we’ve opted for tiles with a good anti-slip rating.

2. Secure Grab Rail

The grab rail next to the bath provides added reassurance when Mrs Herbert lowers herself into the bath or needs to get out.

3. Low Access Inward Opening Door

The inward opening door allows Mrs Herbert to enter the bath safely without climbing in and out of the bath. 

4. Comfortable Integrated Seat

This useful seat provides Mrs Herbert with a place to rest and enjoy a relaxing bathing experience. 

5. Easy to use taps

Easy to use paddle tap heads – no fiddly buttons.

6. Locking device 

Simple to use secure locking device which ensure no leaks.

The End Result 

An unsafe bathing area was transformed into a well-executed, modern and light bathroom for the elderly with stylish chrome accessories and non-slip flooring to complete the look.

A few words from Mrs Herbert on her new bathroom for the elderly:

“After seeing Assistive bathing in the newspaper and an initial meeting at my home with the product specialist, I knew Assistive bathing was the right choice for me. My immense thanks must go to the team for a first class job. My new walk in bath has gone above and beyond my expectations. The fact that I can now sit down makes such a difference. As a result, bathing is something I can now look forward to rather than fear. I felt throughout I could not only trust the installers but knew from the outset a superb job would be done. This has added in small measure, to the enjoyment of having it all very practical and looking lovely in my bathroom. Thank you so much.”

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