Creating an accessible bathroom doesn’t have to be stressful. In this blog post, we’ll explore some speedy fixes which can help make your bathroom more accessible.

With an estimated 13.9 million disabled people living in the UK many of us need to take accessibility into account when designing or refurbishing their bathroom. By making some of the quick fixes below and combining with our range of accessible walk-in baths or walk-in showers, you can quickly create a safe and stylish bathroom.

1. Update your taps

When mobility is limited, it is important to make sure your bathroom taps are easy to use. Bath and sink taps with a single lever are by far and away the safest and easiest taps to use. Lever taps allow you to chose the perfect temperature without strain.

Easy to use temperature controlled lever taps for an Accessible Bathroom

2. Make every day essentials easy to reach

Shelving and bathroom units are typically fixed very high in bathrooms, to keep them out of the way. When creating an accessible bathroom consider lowering them. This can be simply achieved with wall fixed shelves or even free standing units to keep your essentials in close proximity.

Simple access to every day items for an Accessible Bathroom

3. Install a grab rail

Grab bars can be fitted where necessary for easy transferring up and down in your bathroom. Common areas include by the toilet seat and in the bath to help you get in and out with ease.

Grab rails can help to create a more accessible bathroom space

4. Add a seat to your shower

To help make showering easier, a shower seat is a quick and affordable fix. As pictured below, fold down options are ideal for shared households too so the shower can be used conventionally by other users.

For a truly accessible bathroom add a seat to your shower

5. Larger fixes for an Accessible Bathroom

Another option to create an accessible bathroom is to consider having a walk-in bath or walk-in shower installed.

If you love a good soak a walk-in bath has a door built in so you can simply walk in and out without the fear of slipping.

If space is a concern, a walk-in shower is a great option. Plus there are no awkward steps to negotiate which is also also a great option for wheelchair users.

Whatever your preference, Assistive Bathing have a number of options for creating your dream accessible bathroom space. Whats more they can often be fitted within 4-5 weeks from your initial enquiry!

Walk in baths can be good if you are disabled as there’s no steps to negotiate

Create Your Dream Accessible Bathroom Today

Making these small quick fixes to your bathroom can help you to continue using your bathroom safely for years to come. If you’d like to some more information about how a walk-in bath or walk-in shower could make your bathroom more accessible, get in touch today and one of our friendly staff will be happy to help.

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