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Choosing the right walk-in shower for your needs is a very important decision. Especially when it comes to your safety and peace of mind. In this post we explore all the unique safety features of our walk-in showers to ensure you will enjoy a safe and relaxing showering space.

5 Walk-in Shower Safety Features

1. Walk-in Shower Door

Firstly, the doors on all of our walk-in showers ensure easy access.

For example, The Victoria care screen walk-in shower doors can be altered to allow an individual requiring assistance while entering and exiting the shower area.

The door is operated with easy grip ergonomic handles and securely closes with a magnetic latch. As a result, you can get in and out of the shower safely and easily.

Photograph of an accessible walk-in shower door
Featured: Victoria Care Screen Walk-in Shower

2. Slip Resistant Base

Secondly, a slip resistant base ensures firm footing. Slipping is often a common concern for people using a shower. Additionally, it works in both wet and dry conditions for compete peace of mind at last.


A walk-in-shower should include anti-slip flooring
Low level threshold for easy access.

3. Grab Rails

Thirdly, grab rails are placed where needed for safety within the showering area. Because of this you’ll feel fully secure when moving around the shower.

Can be fitted in and around the shower to suit your needs

4. Adjustable Shower Head

Fourthly, the shower can be altered by turning the shower head. This is fixed to a sliding rail so the height of the shower to be adjusted to suit your needs.

You can also choose from full body spray, power spray or massage spray options. This means you can enjoy a cleansing and refreshing shower, whatever your preference.

The shower hose retaining ring also keeps the hose in a safe and tidy position. An extendable two meter long shower hose also ensures ease of use.

Adjustable shower head with easy to use push button control.

5. Integrated Shower Seat

Finally, an integrated shower seat is fitted for comfort. They have a slip resistant waterproof covering. This can also be folded down when not in use to allow wheelchair or normal access.

The low access threshold also reduces the risk of being unbalanced when getting in or out of the shower.

Fold flat shower seat, folds away neatly to give you more space.

With many options available, from walk-in showers to wet rooms, you’re sure to find a solution to your needs.

However you choose to use your walk-in shower, you’re sure to have the most comfortable and safe experience possible. Finally get back your freedom and confidence at last!

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