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Walk-in showers V wet rooms
20 Sep, 2019

Wet rooms and walk-in showers: although both are very similar, they both have different features…

Proud sponsors of ITV Everyday Favourites
2 Sep, 2019

We are excited to announce that we will now be sponsoring ITV1’s Everyday Favourites!

Choosing The Best Assisted Bathing Option For You
23 Aug, 2019

Struggling to decide which assisted bathing option is the best for you? Click here!

Walk-in baths
10 Jul, 2019

Looking for safer bathing experiences? Here are 7 of the many benefits of a walk-in bath!

Easy Access Baths: A buying guide 1
28 May, 2019

Struggling to get in and out of the bath? Fear not. For safer bathing, try using easy access baths instead.

5 Quick Fixes for an Accessible Bathroom 2
3 May, 2019

Creating an accessible bathroom doesn’t have to be stressful. Read our 5 quick fixes that can help.

Proud Sponsors of ITV3 Mornings 3
1 Apr, 2019

We’re really excited to share that we will be sponsoring ITV3 mornings, beginning Monday 1st April.

Safety Features of An Assistive Bathing Walk-in Shower 4
29 Mar, 2019

Explore all the unique safety features of our walk-in showers to ensure a safe and luxurious showering environment.

Your Journey With Assistive Bathing | VIDEO 5
24 Feb, 2019

Our animation introduces you to Hazel who is now bathing in safety thanks to Assistive Bathing.

Choosing A Walk in Bath, Shower Or Wet Room 6
17 Jan, 2019

Stuck choosing between a walk-in bath, walk in shower or wet room? Consider these factors first.

7 Wonderful Benefits of Water Relief 7
6 Nov, 2018

Hot water is inexpensive, pleasurable, and easy way to access a wide range of benefits. Here’s how.

Creating a Safe & Stylish Bathroom For The Elderly   8
15 Oct, 2018

Discover all the things you’ll need to consider when designing a safe and stylish bathroom for the elderly.