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Choosing the perfect assisted bathing solution for you can be a daunting task, especially when there are so many options around. With around 13.9million disabled people living in the UK, we understand the importance of making bathrooms safe and accessible.

Do you wish you could enjoy relaxing, independent bathing experiences once more?All of our bathing solutions will enable you to regain and maintain independence in the bathroom. Here are how all of our assisted bathing products could help you.

Walk-In Baths:

Hot baths are offer temporary pain relief on achy joints and muscles and can be the perfect way to relax. If you prefer a soak in the bath over a hot shower, or if you are unable to stand for long periods, then a walk-in bath could be the perfect bathing solution for you.

Here at Assistive Bathing, we have 4 walk-in bath options that you’ll love:

1. Danube Walk-In Bath:

The Danube walk-in bath offers a comfortable, integrated seat making it easier for you to enter the bath. This means you can get in at a higher level as opposed to having to crouch down to floor level.

2. Lugano Walk-In Bath:

The Lugano walk-in bath has a power seat feature to help you to enter and exit the bath easily. Alongside this, the Lugano offers an easy locking mechanism which is easy to use, with a lifetime no leak guarantee.

3. Moritz Walk-In Bath:

The Moritz walk-in bath features a comfortable reclining seat to enable safe entry and exit to your bath. As well as this, it has a simple to use locking mechanism to guarantee a lifetime of no leaks.

4. Hudson Walk-In Bath:

The Hudson walk-in bath differs from the rest due to its unique ‘P’ shape, which provides you and your family with more room when bathing and showering.

The Danube walk-in bath is a perfect assisted bathing solution

All of our walk-in baths are equipped with extra safety features. These help to decrease the risk of trips and falls when you’re bathing. These features include low level, easy access and slip-resistant surfaces. On top of this, they all come with in-built shower heads too, meaning you and your family can still enjoy a warm shower as and when you please.

Find out more about what additional features are included with our walk-in baths by requesting your FREE brochure here.

Walk-In Showers:

If declining mobility is a concern for you, a walk-in shower or a wet room may be a more beneficial bathing solution for you. We offer a versatile range of walk-in shower designs to choose from, each of which with many added features that can benefit you.

Walk-in showers are perfect for those with restricted mobility. Packed out with safety features, they help to make showering easier and safer, reducing the risk of slips and falls.

All of our walk-in showers feature low level entries to help you to get in and out. They also offer comfortable, adjustable seats to help those who struggle to stand for long periods. There is also the option of a care screen made from shatter-resistant tempered glass. This has been specifically designed with carers needs in mind.

Grab rails can be installed to all of our walk-in showers, for extra safety and support when showering. These will enable you to be more independent in the bathroom again – the perfect assisted bathing solution.

Various sizes are available for all of our walk-in showers, so you can enjoy their benefits even if you have a restricted amount of room in your bathroom!

Other extras that can benefit you include secure shower hose rings, adjustable shower heads and large and easy to use paddle levers.

Michigan walk-in shower

Wet Rooms:

Wet rooms are the perfect showering solution for wheelchair and mobility aid users. This is because they have a flat, one level surface throughout the whole bathroom. Wet rooms offer ultimate bathroom independence as you don’t need to worry about getting up or down any steps or uneven surfaces.

With safety features such as comfortable, adjustable shower seats, slip-resistant poly-flooring and more, our wet rooms provide you with the ultimate, seamless transition from a bathroom to an easy-to-access shower. You also have the option to add as many secure grab rails as you please. This will offer you maximum safety when getting around the bathroom, and the ultimate assisted bathing experience.

Wet rooms are a great assisted bathing option

Why Choose Assistive Bathing?

  • Made in the UK: all of our showers and baths are made in the UK.
  • Professional installations: our installers take pride in offering highly professional service, and will install your bath or shower with a no-leak guarantee.
  • Fast and efficient transformation: we promise to keep your home clean and tidy during the installation process. We also aim to offer as little disruption as possible.
  • FREE removal of old bathroom fittings.
  • A little extra: after the fitting, we will always take time to show you how to get the most out of your brand new bathroom. This will help you to maintain your independence.
  • Second to none customer service: it is clear from our TrustPilot score that we offer impeccable customer service 100% of the time.

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