7 Wonderful Benefits of Water Relief 1

The benefits of water when bathing has a long and detailed history. From Ancient Rome to traditional Japanese bathing practices, it’s great to know that something so enjoyable can actually be good for you. A bit like finding out the positive health benefits of chocolate and alcohol…but less controversial and with a lot less guilt!

The best part is that soaking in hot water is inexpensive, pleasurable, and easy way to access a wide range of benefits! Here’s how…

7 Wonderful Benefits of Water Relief

1. Improved Heart Health

A warm bath can make your heart beat faster and can give it a gentle work out*. This can improve circulation around the body and to the extremities as it makes the blood less viscous (less sticky and thick) and helps the blood vessels function better, lowering your blood pressure and improving cardiac function. Plus, although warm baths aren’t advised immediately after eating, the benefits to circulation can mean taking baths can help with digestion.

“Submergence in water can reduce muscle and joint pain and inflammation”

2. Reduced Aches & Pains

Submergence in water can reduce muscle and joint pain and inflammation. It also calms the nervous system. Consequently, this reduces the levels of stress and anxiety in the body and improves your mood. The pressure and temperature can also relieve the spine of pain and discomfort by providing postural stability, with some resulting relief.

3. Bathe to Breathe

Not only does a warm bath make blood flow easier, it also makes it more oxygenated. This is because  it encourages you to breathe deeper and slower, particularly when taking in steam. Taking a hot bath or spa can help to kill bacteria and improve immunity. It has also been shown to help to relieve the symptoms of cold and flu.

4. Enjoy a Warm Glow

Warm water bathing can increase levels of serotonin, which is the chemical produced by the brain associated with happiness and well-being. That’s why you might feel refreshed and renewed after a hot bath! This natural chemical makes you feel good and can strengthen our immune system, improve sleep & help prevent headaches.

“Bathing and steaming is a great way to ensure hydration of the body”

5. Re-hydrate

Bathing and steaming is a great way to re hydrate your body. Soaking in warm water can be extremely beneficial and this can be enhanced by adding oils or salts to your bath. Hot water opens our pores and causes us to sweat, which is the body’s natural way of cleansing itself. Remember to drink water before and after your bath, to keep yourself hydrated and to amplify the benefits of your nice, warm bath.


6. Clever Calorie Burning

Did you know that a long hot bath can burn as many calories as a 30 minute walk? Bathing increases your body temperature and heart rate all without having to leave the house!

7. Soak Before You Sleep

The relaxing effects of a lovely warm bath can also aid in preparing for a gentle and refreshing night’s sleep, as it sets the mood and gently soothes the cares of the day away.

With all the obvious benefits of bathing, the pleasure of a warm bath should be accessible to all. There are a wide range of lifts and inflatables in the market to help the more able bodied get in and out of their baths more easily, but there is an increasing trend in the UK to choose the comfort of a walk-in bath.

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